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Active Communities

SS Dance & Wellbeing offers a range of low cost, accessible dance fitness classes around Yorkshire in communities with the aim to try to break down the barriers that prevent people from engaging in dance activities.

Our aim is to bring more activities into community buildings, schools, studios and church halls, spreading awareness of the importance of physical and mental wellbeing to help make a social change through dance movement.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Fantastic song choices, loads of varied routines which are so enjoyable it feels more like enjoying a good dance until I remember I'm bright red and drenched in sweat! Love the classes!!

Karen, Fitness Fusion Gomersal - Active Communties

As hard as I find it.. lol I love it! Funnily enough it is becoming easier the more I do it! The music is great and it definitely helps to keep me motivated during class. You are a fab instructor, always pushing us to do better! Thank you Sophie!!

Sarriah, Fitness Fusion Huddersfield - Active Communities

Fantastic workout... I wish classes started later, I would be there every week!!

Ellen, Fitness Fusion Huddersfield - Active Communities

Love your classes Sophie, always a great workout!!

Sarah, Fitness Fusion Gomersal - Active Communities

Great classes, great workout and most importantly always fun...oh and great music tracks too!!

Natasha - Fitness Fusion Gomersal - Active Communities

Active Communities

Here at SS Dance & Wellbeing we love to dance and we are extremely passionate about our dance classes. We make it our aim to ensure that everyone who engages with us has a fun, positive experience.

Our range of classes available cover a variety of styles from Older Peoples DanceFIT, Chair Dance, Young Peoples After-school & Holiday clubs, to high impact Fitness 'Dance' Fusion for busy mums on the go. Classes can also be tailored to meet the needs of individual groups. All instructors encompass the company values so will deliver high quality, passionate and fun classes where you cannot help but leave with a smile!

We are currently developing our online WELLNESS DAYS into regular wellness events, starting with our first scheduled event taking place on Thursday 15th September 2022. We would initially like to bring more of this type of event into local communities where we work and we would love to know your thoughts...

Got a moment? If you can spare a few minutes we would really appreciate your participation in this survey about our wellness days. Feedback from the community is important to SS Dance & Wellbeing and will help to shape the development of our future classes and initiatives. Please click the word link to engage in the survey - Thank You :) 

Fancy dancing with us? 

Visit our Class page to find an activity near you - However, if you don't see a class in your area and you would like us to start delivering a class near you, please let us know by contacting the Get In Touch bar on the left hand-side of this page. Or you can join our online class programme and dance with us from the comfort of your own home - Online Subscription information is available via our class page.

Class Schedule

SSDW Community Dance4Health

  • Thrive @ Connect, 21 Bond Street, Dewsbury, WF13 1AX
  • Monday
  • 13:30 - 14:30
  • Active Communities

Fitness DANCE Fusion Birstall

  • Birstall Community Centre, Market Street, Birstall, WF17 9EN
  • Monday
  • 19:15 - 20:00
  • Active Communities

Community Dance4Wellbeing

  • Hive Huddersfield CIC, 46 John William St, HD1 1ER
  • Tuesday
  • 13:30: 14:30
  • Active Communities

Fitness DANCE Fusion Dewsbury

  • TransformHer LFG, 1st Floor, Headfield Mills, Cardwell Terrace, Dewsbury, WF12 9NP
  • Wednesday
  • 09:30 - 10:15
  • Active Communities

Fitness DANCE Fusion Dewsbury

  • TransformHer LFG, 1st Floor, Headfield Mills, Cardwell Terrace, Dewsbury, WF12 9NP
  • Wednesday
  • 17:15 - 18:00
  • Active Communities

DANCE ‘n’ TWIRL Huddersfield (6-9yrs)

  • Central Youth Centre, Prospect Street, HD1 2NX
  • Friday 26th July
  • 10:00 - 12:30
  • Active Communities

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