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Mental Health Wellbeing Scheme

In todays society it is very clear that people are becoming more aware of their wellbeing. As there are growing concerns about the growth and understanding of mental health SS Dance & Welbeing are looking at ways to ease the strain on NHS services so that people are able to engage in activities on a social level that will help boost their motivation and improve quality of life in a variety of ways.

What Our Clients Have To Say

The music makes you forget it is exercise and i love the how i feel at the end of the chair dance class. I look forward to each class to see what exercises Sophie has in store for us as they are always varied so we don’t get bored of the same routines.

Susan Petrow, Vale Circles Mental Health Centre - Mental Health Wellbeing Scheme

I come for the fun of it, i like the music - it makes me want to get up and dance!! When i come in to the Vale on a morning i might sometimes be down but after i join in the chair dance i feel so much better

Catherine Walsh, Vale Circles Mental Health Centre - Mental Health Wellbeing Scheme

I am a yogini so i was little bit sceptical for my first session when i heard it was called chair dance but it is deceptive because i believe that every week i have a really good cardio workout and the soundtrack is so cheerful. Sophie’s chair dance has the best effect on me because i laugh and dance all the way through the class and i thoroughly enjoy it. I was very impressed with the exercise content after my first class, Sophie really challenges the group in a fun way by making us think about using opposite arms to opposite legs. After engaging in the class i always feel energised!

Kim Deeroot, Vale Circles Mental Health Centre - Mental Health Wellbeing Scheme

I really enjoy this weekly chair dance session, i love the group atmosphere, the laughter as well as the exercise and the variety of the music. Laughter is a very good medicine! Being in a wheelchair, i find the exercises are progressive and always varied week to week to keep us working but always at our own pace. Although i get tired from taking part in the exercise it does liven me up for the day

Moira Parkin, Vale Circles Mental Health Centre - Mental Health Wellbeing Scheme

I have been diagnosed with Parkinsons and Schizophrenia so i was interested in the sessions as it was something different to what i was doing at the hospital - i wanted to do something new. I like the music that Sophie plays, it takes me back. I really enjoy coming on a regular as i get some time to myself and i like the exercises, i know that they are good for me. I have been taking part for a while now so i can feel the difference in my muscles. I sometimes do the exercises at home.

Derek Waite, Lovell Park Hub, March 2018 - Mental Health Wellbeing Scheme

Mental Health Wellbeing Scheme

Why your wellbeing is important and why it matters to your health:

  • Adds years to life 
  • Improves recovery from illness 
  • Is associated with positive health behaviours in adults and children 
  • Is associated with broader positive outcomes 
  • Influences the wellbeing and mental health of those close to us 
  • Affects how staff and health care providers work 
  • Has implications for treatment decisions and costs 
  • Affects decisions about local services 
  • May ultimately reduce the healthcare burden 

Dance has a significant part to play in improving the health and wellbeing of the population.

SS Dance & Wellbeing is working to improve wellbeing and increase physical activity levels.  Dance has proven it has the potential to excite the interest of people from young to old alike and so can help to meet key health needs.

SS Dance & Wellbeing is currently delivering accessible dance sessions across Leeds at Leeds City Council mental health centres. Get in touch to book a FREE taster session for your organisation in one of the above activities to experience the benefits first-hand.

Class Schedule

Lovell Park Chair Dancercise

  • LCC Lovell Park Hub, Wintoun Street, Leeds
  • Tuesday
  • 11:00 - 12:00
  • Mental Health Wellbeing Scheme

Crossgates Chair Dancercise

  • Crossgates Methodist Church, Austhorpe Road, Leeds
  • Thursday
  • 13:45 - 14:45
  • Mental Health Wellbeing Scheme

Vale Circles Chair Dancercise

  • LCC Vale Circles, Tunstall Road, Beeston, Leeds
  • Friday
  • 10:45 - 11:45
  • Mental Health Wellbeing Scheme

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