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Mental Health Wellbeing Scheme

In todays society it is very clear that people are becoming more aware of their mental and physical wellbeing.

There are growing concerns about the growth and understanding of mental health but as more and more of us are talking about it we are taking positve steps to changing the stigma associated with mental health issues.

SS Dance & Welbeing are looking at alternative ways to help manage certain types of mental illness that affect mood, thinking and behaviour such as anxiety disorders and the first stages of depression to ease the strain on NHS services. This is being done through working with local councils and possible GP surgery's to encourage and refer people to engage in regular exercise or dance activities on a social level (social prescribing) to help boost motivation and improve quality of life in a variety of ways for those who would benefit from this kind of treatment.

What Our Clients Have To Say

I really enjoy the group! It is so beneficial for my mood swings. In my life i have been to many classes and was surprised how much of a workout chair dance gives. Sophie is very positive and encouraging and is full of great ideas. Nice music choices. 

Sara, Lovell Park Hub - Mental Health Wellbeing Scheme

Exercise group gets my circulation going, keeps me active and i thoroughly enjoy the group.

Sylvia, Vale Circle Mental Health Hub - Mental Health Wellbeing Scheme

Before attending the (chair dance) group i feel low in my mood with no motivation after the class i feel more motivated and my mood has lifted.

Katherine, Lovell Park Hub - Mental Health Wellbeing Scheme

Sometimes i have attended the (chair dance) group feeling exhausted but after taking part i leave feeling refreshed, energetic and much better in myself. The chair dance makes me feel less tense and uptight. 

Mark, Vale Circles Mental Health Hub - Mental Health Wellbeing Scheme

Friendly enviroment. Exercise is suitable for disabled individuals. Very friendly and supporting teacher, it is a pleasure having Sophie teach us. I like how she makes the session specifically designed for people with disabilities and for those without. She is always so positive and is always bringing new creative ideas to the group - the music choices are also great!! Long may it continue!!

Jane, Vale Circle Mental Health Hub - Mental Health Wellbeing Scheme

Mental Health Wellbeing Scheme

Why your wellbeing is important and why it matters to your health:

  • Being mentally healthy makes you feel good about yourself
  • It can add years to your life
  • It improves your recovery from illness 
  • It motivates you to make and maintain positive relationships with other people 
  • It enables you to successfully overcome difficulties and achieve what you may want in life
  • It influences the wellbeing and mental health of those close to you
  • It enables you to embrace and manage your full range of emotions
  • It affects all aspects of your life - Home, Work and Personal
  • It affects how productive you can be 
  • Being physically active may ultimately help to reduce the healthcare burden 

Dance has a significant part to play in improving the health and wellbeing of the population. 

Dance as a means of restoring and maintaining mental health is a treatment method well known in other parts of the world where people lead less fragmented lives and is something that we need to see implemented more in our local communities. Dance Movement gives the participants a lot more than just a toned physique - it can also restore equilibrium between mind, body and spirit.

SS Dance & Wellbeing is working to improve wellbeing and increase physical activity levels.  Dance has proven it has the potential to excite the interest of people from young to old alike and so can help to meet key health needs.

If you find yourself struggling with depression, consider trying a dance class... Remember that dancing should never replace seeking out help from a professional, but it can be used as one of the tools to help you on your road to recovery. A dance class, exercise class, or even dancing alone in your room could be all it takes - a little bit of movement can be enough to make a positive difference.

Looking for motivation to get started...?  Get in touch or visit our class page to see if we have something to get you moving!!

SS Dance & Wellbeing is currently delivering accessible dance sessions across Leeds at Leeds City Council Mental Health Hubs. Contact Chief Wellbeing Officer Sophie Simpson for further information or to book a FREE taster session for your organisation and experience the benefits of dance first-hand.

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